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Sense Media is an independent video marketing agency that turns ideas into audio-visual story.
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We make videos

full cycle video production & Marketing

Every minute 500 hours of new video content is published worldwide. Being noticeable in this video "noise" is a big challenge.

Our knowledge, experience and technical support allows us to create the widest range of video content that helps our customers stand out.

Engaging content supplemented with multi - channel activation, will  reach your audience anywhere in the world.

2D animation

Annimated banners

explainer videos

social media videos

digital signage videos

brand video production

event videos

video livestreams


Documentary videos

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how we do it

1. we listen

We know how important it is to listen to our clients'. In our question and answer sessions we get to the core of our clients goals and needs in order to  the most effective ways to achieve them.

2. we understand

Where is your target audience? How they behave on social media? What are their interests? An in-depth understanding of the target audience helps us find the most accurate message that resonates with the video viewer and achieves the result.

3. we Imagine

This is an exciting moment! An idea finally comes to life. We give it creative solution that fascinates the viewer and makes them want more.

4. we create

Once we got the story down, comes time to film, animate and edit! We always keep to specific time line and re-member that our client has to be included every step of the way. There is always possibility for improvement and we are striving for the best result!

5. we supply

A great story and video in itself wont be enough. It has to be seen! We will make sure your video is in the right place at the right time - on your website, social media accounts or direct e - mails.

6. we ANAlyze

When your video begins its journey into the digital world, it is very important to keep track of its results. We track and analyze to understand what works the best.

principles of cooperation

1. We listen

We know how important it is to listen to our clients. In our question and answer sessions we get to the core of our clients goals and needs in order to find the most effective ways to achieve them.

2. operability

We are aware of today's dynamics, when everything needs to be done quickly and on time.


Successful cooperation is ensured by excellent relationships and we maintain them by following one important basic principle: "If you promise, then fulfill, if you can't, then don't promise."


Remote work environment and quick phase of our every day life has made our work more efficient. We are proud to be a paperless company that makes the most out of digital solutions available to provide our services online.


If you have an interesting story in mind that you want to convert into video format, place it in digital media in an efficient way and get a measurable result, then we have something to talk about.

Sense media

Plavu Street 17, Business Center "FABRIKA", 2nd floor,
Liepaja, LV - 3411
+371 29872945

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Egils Šusts

Management and production

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