Your strategic video production partner

From ideation to execution
At Sense Media we understand our customers' busy lives and high expectations.
We produce bespoke content through a battle-tested production process.

Audience-first strategy
Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction, but above all, we ensure that your vision resonates with your target audience.


We deliver bespoke animations that align perfectly with your brand. We manage the entire process, from script to storyboard and style. Process and production are our superpower.

+ Explainers
+ Commercials
+ Branded Content
+ Educational
+ Illustrations
+ Interactive
+ Animated Series


Enterprises like Google, NBA players like Kristaps Porzingis, pop/rock bands like Brainstorm, and mid-sized businesses like Mintos. They trust Sense Media to create videos that resonate with their audience and drive growth.

+ Commercials
+ Branded Content
+ Educational
+ Event After-movies
+ Video interviews
+ Product demos

Live Stream

Live streaming in the Baltic States with Sense Media. We provide trusted livestreaming services with up to 8 high-quality video cameras, and all necessary industry-standard equipment to capture and broadcast globally.

+ Event Filming
+ Festival Filming
+ Concert Filming
+ Conference Filming
+ Sports Filming


Sense Media dreams up and brings to life new, exciting documentary experiences that allow our inspiring clients to forge authentic connections with an audience seeking genuine human truths. Our experience lies in captivating documentary shorts powered by truthful storytelling.

+ Company
+ Sports
+ Culture
+ Travel