One Latvian is never enough

One Latvian is never enough

One Latvian is never enough


The Challenge

American Latvian Association members are demographically older, and as such the organization lacks an attractive, modern image that would appeal to young people in a way that would make ALA relevant to them.

With the help of video, it is necessary to prove that ALA, as an organization that goes with the times, is relevant and offers "value" to its members.


American Latvian Assoriation



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Tasks included


Project Management and direction


Concept visualization


Location scouting


Finding actors


Create storyboards


Create illustrations


Create animations


Video Pre-Production


Video Production


Video Post-Production


Deliver in Time and with Quality

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Final Video

A series of 2 videos to create interest and a modern image of the association, as well as to communicate its achievements and work.

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I want to highlight the great work of the Award-winning video production company Sense Media, based in Liepaja. They were a featured company at Spotlight Latvia in Los Angeles. Right around that time, ALA was looking to revamp its marketing strategy. We were impressed by their presentation and engaged with them to create a couple of videos for us. Needless to say we are really happy with the result.

Mārtiņš Andersons

American Latvian Association president

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