The Challenge

It is a well proven fact that the hardest client out there, often is oneself. So when we set out to produce a sales pitch for the services our animation studio provides, we also gave ourselves the additional task, for the video to also serve as a showreel - showcasing the wide variety and complexity of animation styles our studio is capable of producing.


Sense Media



Different styles

We could have done an infinate amount, but realised it’s best to narrow the selection to 5.


Before any animation work could begin, the script was envisioned through a storyboard,
allowing us to prototype the visual side of the story.

Visual Development

Main characters and objects were conceptually developed,
to explore the best shape, color and other attributes.

Animation Process

Various methods of animation were used.
Everything from frame by frame animation to 3d modelling and motion graphics.

Final Video

Along with composing the soundtrack, animations were assembled in what became the final edit.

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